Print estimating can make or break a sale. An almost equally important factor that goes into a successful sale is timeliness.

Studies show that buyers prefer quick responses to pricing questions. In fact, a price delivered within 5 minutes is 21X more likely to result in a sale than one delivered hours or days later 1.

Many print estimating software systems are simply not geared to deliver this kind of responsiveness. Indeed, the rise of many online ordering systems is predicated on delivering not just timely but instant prices. Print estimating is no longer about just the price but how fast it takes to deliver it to the print buyer.

The Aleyant Pressero™ storefront software and the Aleyant eDocBuilder™ VDP and personalization system are both used by print service providers (PSP) to deliver an instant, responsive online experience to print buyers.

print estimating illustration using an instant online pricing calculator

An instant, online print estimating illustration using a product specifier approach (with or without quantity price breaks) for a banner

print estimating illustration using price breaks

An instant print estimating illustration using quantity price breaks only for brochures:

Aleyant Pressero supports instant print estimating both through integrations with popular print estimating software as well as via Excel files created by the PSP. Aleyant eDocBuilder can be embedded into an existing online print estimating system, enabling the print buyer to take advantage of both instant print estimating as well as an instant proof of an item the buyer designs online.

If you would like more details on providing instant print estimating to prospective print buyers or customers we can setup a personal online print estimating demonstration.

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print estimating illustration using packaging

An instant, online print estimating illustration using package quantities for promotional items

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