Web2Print Infographic shows the benefits to both the print service provider (PSP) and the print buyer by providing a convenient online ordering system that is easy to use, efficient, and reduces errors.

For the PSP, a web2print system increases productivity, which reduces costs and increases responsiveness to customer needs. For the print buyer, an online website using web2print e-commerce provides a convenient, simple and easy buying experience.

PSP's find that Aleyant's web2print software grows print sales for both the B2C (Business to Consumer) retail market as well as the B2B (Business to Business private portals) market catering to larger, repeat customers. The Aleyant Pressero™ storefront software and the Aleyant eDocBuilder™ VDP and personalization system deliver web2print advantages that make it more than a fad, it's a competitive advantage that has it's roots in the customer convenience history of drive-though window, bank ATM's, even streaming online movies.

The web2print infographic below shows not only the web2print history in the printing industry, but also how instant web2print estimating and print shop management help print service providers today.

Web to Print Infographic Aleyant

Click the web2print infographic image to download a free, print-ready 18 in by 24 in, 300 dpi PDF.