An e-Commerce System is an increasingly important part of print service providers' Web2Print sales and profitability plans.

There are many reasons for this:

  • Orders arrive pre-paid. No chasing the buyer for payment.
  • Order processing costs are lower for an e-commerce system. The average online order costs $3.80 to process vs. $21 for a retail transaction.
  • Print buyers find ordering online more convenient. Instant pricing is 21X more likely to result in a sale vs. the traditional quoting process.
  • It's a competitive advantage. The use of an e-commerce systems has grown 6X in the US since 2000.
  • 99% of print providers employing an e-commerce system are reporting they have benefitted in one or more ways.
  • Improved automation is reported by 66% of print providers using an e-commerce system.
  • Streamlined workflow is reported by 66% of print providers deploying an e-commerce system.
  • Increased sales is reported by 58% of print providers offering an e-commerce system.
  • Increased profits is reported by 56% of print providers using an e-commerce system.
  • Increased margins is reported by 54% of print providers employing an e-commerce system.
  • Enhanced image is reported by at least 50% of those offering an e-commerce system.
e-commerce system instant pricing

An example illustration of a custom, instant pricing calculator used by a print service provider as part of an easy, convenient, and effective online buying experience for the print buyer:

Aleyant's award-winning e-commerce system solutions such as Aleyant Pressero™ and Aleyant eDocBuilder™ are affordable, adaptable, and effective for commercial printers, wide format digital printers, in-plant print departments, mailing houses, print brokers and distributors, or businesses looking to gain control of their print buying when they are being inadequately serviced by their current print vendors.

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