Aleyant partners closely with the following companies to complete your web-to-print integrated workflow needs.

web to print workflow solutions


Aleyant Pressero integrates with Award-winning Avanti Slingshot using the Pressero Automated Workflow Integrator. Avanti Slingshot incorporates business intelligence (CRM, dashboards and reporting), production planning (estimating, planned purchasing, sales orders, inventory management and scheduling), fulfillment, shipping, and billing into one easy-to-use, modular and scalable system. Designed to easily integrate with third-party applications and equipment, it includes a robust Application Programming Interface (API) leveraging industry protocols such as JDF and XML. It can be cloud-based or hosted on-premise and supports companies of all sizes and types.
web to print MIS ERP solutions

CRC Information Systems

Aleyant eDocBuilder™ is integrated into CRC's next-generation MIS/ERP solution Nucleus. This integration provides uninterrupted workflow between Nucleus and eDocBuilder, allowing graphic arts companies to now offer their customers a complete e-Commerce suite of tools (including online quoting, ordering, shipment tracking, and more) along with seamless access to a complete, easy-to-use web-based variable data publishing system. CRC's Nucleus is designed to provide the tools and information needed to streamline workflow and maximize profitability. Nucleus includes customizable dashboards, industry specific estimating, extensive reporting, browser-based CRM, complete accounting package, drag-and-drop production scheduling, comprehensive inventory management, and a fully integrated e-Commerce suite.
web to print ErgoSoft RIP solutions

ErgoSoft RIP

Aleyant Pressero™ integrates with ErgoSoft RIP using the Pressero Automated Workflow Integrator. With this simple to setup and cost-effective integration, once an order is received in Aleyant’s Pressero, the Automated Workflow Integrator pulls the print file from Pressero, creates an ErgoSoft Automation file, and provides both the file and print file to the ErgoSoft RIP for processing, bypassing the RIP’s graphical user interface. Also see the Tucanna tFlow preflight option (below).
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Aleyant Pressero™ has an impressive 2-way integration with M-Power. Core modules include Sales Management and CRM, Quoting, Job Cards and Order Processing, Purchasing, Inventory Control, Inwards Goods control, Dispatch, Invoicing, Quality Assurance, Work-in-Progress control and scheduling, Barcode scanning on the factory floor, MYOB and Quickbooks Integration.
web to print production automation software

On Point

Onpoint On Demand provides production automation software to commercial printers. Onpoint Connect Integration Suite is a software as a service (Saas) solution that allows printers to create fully-integrated POD workflows. Connect Shipping is a (SaaS) solution that combines workflow management, bin management and multi-carrier shipping capability to significantly increase speed, reduce errors and consolidate shipping activities. JDF Workflow Foundation combines a powerful .NET library and specialized JDF resources to get printer integration projects out of the gate fast with little need to code in JDF. Fluent JDF is an open source project that Onpoint has contributed to the JDF community to perpetuate the growth and health of this important standard.
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Palmart es marca de referencia en software de gestión para las Artes Gráficas. Además de ofrecerte las soluciones más avanzadas en cálculo de presupuestos, análisis y control de la producción, Palmart es líder en COMPROMISO. Porque nuestro objetivo es hacer más rentable el negocio de nuestros clientes.
 web to print estimating tools

Printer's Plan

Aleyant Pressero™ integrates with Printer's Plan, a print estimating and management software. Printer's Plan Weblink module provides efficient, one-way integration of Pressero orders into Printer's Plan. Powerful estimating tools define the production process for each item, detailed work orders help you control costs and reduce errors. Advanced production controls manage the production process, reschedule tasks easily, track actual time spent on tasks and services. Real-time information about your business includes warning signs of potential problems. One year money back guarantee.
web to print integrated management software

Printers Software

Printers Software Inc. is the first company to provide high quality, cost-effective, integrated management software for commercial and in-plant printers of all sizes. With over 3,000 installations, it is one of the most popular systems in the industry. Printers Software Inc. has been honored with the coveted NAPL Industry Award for outstanding leadership and service. The Presidio MIS system is integrated with the Aleyant Pressero™ web-to-print system.
web to print estimating software solution


Aleyant Pressero™ has an impressive 2-way integration with PrintPoint, a comprehensive, affordable cross platform Printshop Estimating & Management Software Solution. Runs on Apple Macintosh stations or MS-Windows computers. Create Estimates, Quotes, convert to new Jobs, track orders in process, Invoices and create Purchase Orders for paper and outside services. Built-in emailing and PDF functionality to communicate with your customers and vendors with greater speed and accuracy. Built-in links to QuickBooks and MYOB/Accounting Edge.
 web to print brand management tools

Print UI

Created by a team of former Adobe executives and InDesign experts, is an Adobe® InDesign-to-print (Web-to-Print) solution that offers an easy Web-based way for nonprofessional users to customize and print a broad array of professionally designed digital and print collateral, such as online banner ads, retail store signs and print advertisements. Designed to be used as a standalone Web service or integrated into an existing website, provides a unique self-service solutions for printers, their customers, and in-house graphics departments responsible for brand management.
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Quote & Print

Quote & Print software was started in 1981 by a 3rd generation printer. Over the last 34 years, we have provided print solutions to over 600 companies for all types of printers in Australia, New Zealand, Asian Countries & in the Middle East.
Through incorporating leading edge technology we are able to provide a one-stop solution for all your Print MIS needs. We now work with more than 600+ printing companies in 9 x countries and can offer a solution for any size, budget or type of printer.
Quote & Print is launching a Cloud Solution using the latest Microsoft technology in the 4th Quarter 2015.
Our ERP software is integrated with Aleyant’s web to print solutions.
web to print automated preflight software

Tucanna tFlow Preflight

Aleyant Automated Workflow Integrator™ (AWI) has an impressive integration with the Tucanna tFlow preflight application. AWI is used to deliver files from the Aleyant Pressero™ storefronts into Tucanna tFlow hotfolders. The PDF files are automatically checked by tFlow and problems corrected before they affect your production. Color conversion, ink saving, and tone curve adjustments are just some of the powerful capabilities. The processed files can in turn be automatically placed into another hotfolder for say, a RIP such as ergosoft. Pressero and its partners bring the goal of hands-free, light's-out automation several steps closer for the mid-sized and small commercial printshop. See the workflow.
web to print automated imposition software

Ultimate Technographics

Impostrip is a powerful automated imposition software from Ultimate Technographics. Aleyant Automated Workflow Integrator™ (AWI) supports integration with Impostrip to help you streamline your workflow even further. Once the integration is configured between your Impostrip and Aleyant Pressero accounts, order files from Pressero are dropped into a watched holder file and are then automatically imposed by Impostrip.
web to print ecommerce solution

Virtual Systems Midnight

Aleyant Pressero™ has an integration with Virtual Systems Midnight, a new software program for printers who are expanding beyond the confines of traditional print and moving into more broad-based marketing services such as mailing, fulfillment, data analytics, purls, and email blasts. Midnight comes with modules for CRM, estimating, project management, web-reporting services, postage accounting, and billing. The software also features a complete menu of expert pricing for mailing and marketing related services. Midnight is designed specifically to help companies further leverage their investments in digital technology to gain a competitive advantage.