Próximo seminario web: Aprenda a gestionar de forma más eficiente su negocio de impresión con PrintSmith Vision y Pressero

Date & Time: Thursday, February 20 at 11 AM CENTRAL - Register Here Today!
Feeling the pressure from customers to have faster turnaround times, more personalized products, all at a competitive price? In order to do this, today's printer needs to be able to effectively manage its shop data, job requests, schedules, production and shipping in real time. Pressero's web-to-print ecommerce storefront solution now has an integration with PrintSmith Vision which allows users to easily connect their storefront to the rest of their business, allowing your orders to flow into PrintSmith Vision automatically without having to manually reenter this data. Join our upcoming webinar to hear more about how Alliance Franchise Brands has utilized this integration to streamline their print workflow.
Time will be allotted for a 10-minute Q&A session. Space is limited, register here for this 30-minute webinar today!

Lisa Thompson

Lisa trabaja actualmente como representante de ventas de Aleyant. Tiene experiencia en desarrollo de sitios web, optimización de motores de búsqueda y marketing.