July 22, 2015. Wheaton IL — Aleyant, an innovative leader in providing robust software services to the graphic communications industry at value-driven prices, today reported that Illinois-based Simple Solutions Printing has implemented Aleyant Pressero with its built-in Aleyant eDocBuilder variable data publishing (VDP) and personalization system to meet the needs of a large franchise business. The company had been producing print for a retail chain with about 50 stores. The customer wanted to transfer its employee apparel program to Simple Solutions, so Simple Solutions added a free open-source web storefront to meet the customer’s online ordering requirements. As the business grew, Simple Solutions realized the need to acquire a more sophisticated web-to-print storefront solution.

Simple Solutions looked at a variety of options and selected the Aleyant Pressero storefront solution with its built-in Aleyant eDocBuilder VDP and personalization template system. “A particular advantage for this customer,” says Bryant Gillespie, a consultant for Simple Solutions, “is Pressero’s user roles. You can specify what permission levels each user has. Team members can only see a certain range of products and order shirts. Managers and assistant managers can order supplies as well as button-up polos and woven shirts. We also offer custom apparel for employees they can order and have the cost deducted from their paycheck. It works beautifully and there is no more faxing. Instead, managers/approvers get an email when someone places an order, they click approve, and we handle rest. Fits right in with our name – a simple solution for them!”

This retail customer has now grown to more than 70 locations being served from the company’s Aleyant Pressero storefront selling print, signs and apparel. Revenue from this customer grew from $100,000 annually to about $300,000 now. Simple Solutions’ success with this customer has opened the door to the acquisition of business from several other similar customers as well as an opportunity to build a new B2C business offering canvas prints and personalized art.
“The future is bright,” Gillespie adds, “and we have Aleyant to thank for a great deal of that optimism!”

Pressero Web-to-Print System
Aleyant Pressero™ is an affordable and easy-to-use, cloud-based B2B and B2C online storefront solution that can quickly and easily be customized to individual client needs. This includes ‘mobile-first’ design for branded sites to ensure proper display regardless of the viewing device being used. Pressero includes Aleyant eDocBuilder™, a web-based variable data publishing system built specifically to easily integrate into Aleyant or third-party web-to-print or MIS solutions. eDocBuilder features advanced typography control, imposition, scripting support, PDF workflows, rapid template creation, Excel merge capabilities and more. Aleyant’s Automated Workflow Integrator™ (AWI) connects the online storefront's to prepress and production using a rules-based approach to automate such processes as file retrieval and renaming, unzipping zipped files, or sending files and metadata directly to a 3rd party color management or preflight application such as Tucanna tFlow, or a RIP for processing, eliminating multiple steps in the workflow. Aleyant Print Job Manager™ is MIS/ERP simplified. It uses a new mobile, cloud-based approach to MIS that includes a fast means of generating market-driven pricing, job management, inventory control, planning and estimating.
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About Aleyant
Founded in 2005, Aleyant is an innovative leader in providing robust software services to the graphic communications industry at value-driven prices. Its expertise lies in developing highly functional and flexible applications using the most current Web development technologies available, including workflow aimed at lights-out automation. Its flagship web-to-print software, Aleyant Pressero™, is a highly customizable retail and business-to-business storefront interface and has launched many of its clients into the exciting world of Internet-based print sales. Aleyant also offers a Web-based online design and variable data publishing (VDP) system, Aleyant eDocBuilder™, as a separate product. Aleyant's solutions are integrated with multiple MIS and web-to-print systems.