Aleyant Pressero Now Fully Integrated with HP SmartStream Solution Suite for Seamless Web to Print Order-to-Production Workflow

August 4, 2015. Wheaton IL Aleyant, an innovative leader in providing robust software services to the graphic communications industry at value-driven prices, today announced the full integration of its Pressero web-to-print solution with HP’s SmartStream Solution Suite of workflow solutions using Aleyant’s Automated Workflow Integrator (AWI). This is the formalization of an earlier collaboration that made Pressero available to HP SmartStream users.

This integration of Pressero with the SmartStream Solution Suite brings Pressero’s affordable capabilities to HP Indigo users worldwide that are currently using HP SmartStream Designer, Composer, Production Center and/or Production Pro but still need a fully functional, easy-to-use web-to-print solution,” said Greg Salzman, Aleyant’s President.

The collaboration between Aleyant and HP enables Indigo Print Service Providers to more easily overcome the barrier of selecting and implementing a web-to-print solution because of the tight integration with the HP SmartStream Solution Suite. The thousands of HP Indigo users that are using HP SmartStream Designer to create highly sophisticated personalized pieces can now upload these templates into the Pressero web-to-print interface for easy order submission. The file is then sent directly to print through HP SmartStream Composer for rendering, followed by either HP SmartStream Production Center or HP SmartStream Production Pro for print production. This integration allows users to leverage existing Designer templates and eliminates the need to learn a new design tool for template creation, as well as the need to export the data files and manually type all the meta data (copy count, substrate). In this way, it stands to significantly increase print production efficiencies and makes it easier for customers to do business with Print Service Providers.

About the HP SmartStream Solution Suite

The HP SmartStream Solution Suite consists of three primary modules. These include:

  • HP SmartStream Production Center: A shop-floor management system that addresses the needs of managing and producing high-volumes of short run jobs more efficiently. Production Center provides real-time visibility into every job on the production floor from pre-press through shipping.

  • HP SmartStream Designer:  HP SmartStream Designer lets users create sophisticated, custom jobs through a simple, affordable variable data tool optimized for HP Indigo presses and based on industry-standard tools. With this InDesign software plug-in, users can conveniently personalize any print job’s images, text, and colors—creating virtually unlimited variations of the design for maximize impact. 

  • HP SmartStream Composer: Users can boost productivity with HP SmartStream Composer, a powerful composition tool for personalized jobs using HP SmartStream Designer templates, offering the next step in automation, performance, and scalability.

HP SmartStream Production Pro, HP’s Digital Front End for its Indigo Presses, has also been integrated with Pressero so that jobs can be sent directly to SmartStream Production Pro for users who are not taking advantage of HP SmartStream Production Center.

Pressero Web-to-Print System

Aleyant Pressero is an affordable and easy-to-use, cloud-based B2B and B2C online storefront solution that can quickly and easily be customized to individual client needs. This includes ‘mobile-first’ design for branded sites to ensure proper display regardless of the viewing device being used. Pressero includes Aleyant eDocBuilder, a web-based variable data publishing system built specifically to easily integrate into Aleyant or third-party web-to-print or MIS solutions. eDocBuilder features advanced typography control, imposition, scripting support, PDF workflows, rapid template creation, Excel merge capabilities and more. Aleyant’s Automated Workflow Integrator (AWI) connects the online storefront's to prepress and production using a rules-based approach to automate such processes as file retrieval and renaming, unzipping zipped files, or sending files and metadata directly to a 3rd party color management or preflight application such as Tucanna tFlow, or a RIP for processing, eliminating multiple steps in the workflow. Aleyant Print Job Manager™ is MIS/ERP simplified. It uses a new mobile, cloud-based approach to MIS that includes a fast means of generating market-driven pricing, job management, inventory control, planning and estimating.

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About HP Graphic Arts

HP is a key player in the digital printing market, with more than 6,000 HP Indigo digital presses installed worldwide in industries such as photo merchandising, publishing, commercial printing, labels and packaging. HP offers customers end-to-end solutions with a wide portfolio of workflow products from HP and its partners. The HP SmartStream workflow solutions address the key growth challenges facing the print industry today; maintaining operational efficiency to stay profitable and having differentiation to gain a competitive edge. To explore the complete HP SmartStream Solutions product portfolio and learn about the graphic arts printing solutions that HP and its partners have assembled to help grow your business in the most effective way visit the HP SmartStream Solution Navigator.

About Aleyant

Founded in 2005, Aleyant is an innovative leader in providing robust software services to the graphic communications industry at value-driven prices. Its expertise lies in developing highly functional and flexible applications using the most current Web development technologies available, including workflow aimed at lights-out automation. Its flagship web-to-print software, Aleyant Pressero™, is a highly customizable retail and business-to-business storefront interface and has launched many of its clients into the exciting world of Internet-based print sales. Aleyant also offers a Web-based online design and variable data publishing (VDP) system, Aleyant eDocBuilder™, as a separate product. Aleyant's
solutions are integrated with multiple MIS and web-to-print systems.