New Recording Now Available For Recent Webinar, 'Learn How to Gain Efficiencies in your Print Shop by Adding Workflow Automation to your Storefronts with Aleyant tFLOW'.

Print operations can be enhanced by using Aleyant tFLOW (formerly Tucanna tFLOW), a powerful digital proofing and prepress automation workflow that is already integrated into the Aleyant ecosystem. tFLOW puts the “pre” back into preflight. Speed up your turnaround times as files are automatically checked and fixed when they come into your shop, not after they have been sitting in folders for a day. tFLOW simplifies difficult file management tasks and processes to optimize efficiency and production throughput. tFLOW allows customers, sales representatives, prepress operators and production teams to collaborate in real-time 24/7 with total visibility, eliminating lengthy email chains, text messages and calls that cause missed deadlines and costly mistakes and delays. In addition, tFLOW’'s modern and open architecture easily integrates with any MIS, Web2Print, ERP and Output Systems.

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