Novedad en Pressero: integración con un SIG externo para actualizar la tabla de precios en tiempo real

We recently added an exciting new feature to Pressero: the ability to integrate with an external pricing provider! This integration solves the dilemma of maintaining price tables separately in Pressero and your MIS system. Once your integration is set up, when you update pricing in your MIS system, the changes are automatically applied to your products in Pressero, increasing accuracy and efficiency. The MIS system currently configured for integration with Pressero is Web2Plan from Printer's Plan, and we hope to add more pricing partners in the future.

How to configure the integration with Printer's Plan

In Preferences > External Pricing Services, click “Add New.” In the Pricing Method Settings area, select “Web2Plan.” Enter a unique name for the integration provider in the Method Name area. If you would like to run the method in test mode, check the Test Mode box. In the Referer and Listener URL areas, enter the Web2Plan Referer URL and Web2Plan Listener URL provided to you by Printer's Plan. Then click “Save.”


El área de Servicios externos de fijación de precios al configurar un nuevo método de integración de precios Web2Plan en una cuenta de administrador de Pressero.

Cómo activar la fijación de precios integrada para sus productos

In Site > Products > [Specific Product] > “Pricing” tab, you will set up site group/pricing engine pairs. In the “Step 1. Site Group” dropdown menu, select a site group the pricing should apply to. From the “Step 2. Pricing Engine” menu, choose “External Service.” A third dropdown menu will appear, “Step 3. External Provider;” from that menu, select the Printer's Plan integration you previously configured. Now an area will appear where you can enter the Printer's Plan Template and Item numbers for this product's pricing. After you have entered this information, click, “3. Save Site Group and Pricing Engine Pair.” You can then create more site group/pricing engine pairs, if desired. When you are finished, scroll down and click “Save.”


A product's Pricing tab in the Pressero admin area - Note that Web2Plan has been selected as the External Provider and boxes have appeared where the Template and Item Numbers should be entered.

Your users' experience

This integration does not affect your users' experience; they will continue to see pricing engines that are seamlessly embedded in the product pages. When you update a pricing table in Printer's Plan, any products linked to that table will automatically display the new pricing.