Integrate Aleyant Software with Zapier's New Paths Tool to Automate Your Decision Making

Did you know that Aleyant has an integration with Zapier? Zapier allows you to connect your business apps and automate your actions and workflows by automatically moving information among all your apps, allowing you to focus on your most important work. Furthermore, you can reduce the time you spend making decisions utilizing Zapier's new Paths tool, a conditional tool that lets you automate your repetitive decision-making. This new logic tool lets you build multiple outcomes into one Zap. Learn more about how this works here

Therese McGady

Directora de Marketing de Aleyant: Profesional experimentado en comunicaciones de marketing con experiencia en empresas y agencias, combinada con una fuerte ética de trabajo del Medio Oeste y excelentes habilidades para establecer relaciones.