Llega la versión 8.5 de Aleyant tFLOW

tFLOW version 8.5 is packed with some great new features that will supercharge your print shop's efficiency, helping you get jobs completed and out the door quicker. See below for more details and also view here for an overview video on these new features.

Be sure to update tBOT to the latest version, so that it integrates seamlessly with this updated version of tFLOW. You can do this by clicking on the 'Update' button in the upper right corner of the tBOT window.

Gestor de Activos de Automatización.001

Automation Asset Manager - Now you can manage your own cut paths, overlays, profiles, fold lines, automation scripts and more. Easily drop and drag assets as well as organize, import and export files within tFLOW.

Informe sobre el estado de los pedidos.001

Order Status Report - New and comprehensive email report that keeps you up-to-date on the entire order with just one email. Now you can quickly and easily view a job's order summary, order activity and job activity and status all in one place. Best of all, you can now schedule to have this report sent to other team members and customers.

Alerta eMail.001

eMail Alert - New mobile-friendly layout for status reports and email alerts. These alerts now have a configurable job summary area and list preflight errors (if present).

Soporte Pressero.001

Pressero Integration Enhancement - tFLOW now pulls data from Pressero pricing engines to allow you to configure your tFLOW automation. So for example, if a customer chooses a certain size, or needs white, or a cut path, or to add certain finishing like hem or grommets, etc., all of those choices can be passed from Pressero and configured automatically within tFLOW to auto process the files according to those choices.

Optional Ship Date - Set default ship date for new orders, or leave undefined.

Para más información sobre tFLOW, visite tflowworkflow.com.