Aleyant Garners "Best Value" and "Lifetime Achievement" at The Faux Webbie2Print Awards

HPúblico del Premio Web2Printot on the heels of our new branding makeover, our in-house movie studio AleyantFlix Motion Pictures released its new Webbiewood summer blockbuster, "Mantener a sus clientes totalmente De¡encendido!"


Aclamaciones y premios

Critics praise was soon followed with "Best of Value" and "Lifetime Achievement" awards from The Faux Webbie2Print Awards© (pretty much five of us sitting at the conference table).

With a cast of voice-over actor, half a dozen two-dimensional digital actors plus a budget rumored to approach hundreds of dollars, this must-see video is a sure hit. No need for special goggles, we went beyond 3D and recorded this epic in True2D™ taking full advantage of the height and width of our rare CMYK film stock.

Acción a raudales

With an approximate running time of 90 action-packed seconds, make sure you have your popcorn and beverage close at hand or you'll miss, well... all of it.

If you pay close attention, you'll also get a sneak peek at an upcoming new product we will be adding to the Aleyant software suite.

Ver ahora

Visita y haz clic en el vídeo del pie de página. ¡Y corre la voz para que podamos hacer nuevos clientes felices!

Lucía Blanco