Aleyant eDocBuilder™ añade la función de alineación de imágenes

We've updated the eDocBuilder web-to-print variable data printing software with a new feature this week. Whether using eDocBuilder as an integration in your own print shop e-commerce solution, or as part of the Aleyant Pressero™ W2P software, you can immediately start taking advantage of this new capability.

You can now align images in a field just as you would align text. The feature works exactly the same way by selecting the desired alignment from the 'Image Alignment' drop down on the Format tab, as shown in the image below. Note: If the image selected fills the field, the alignment feature will not affect the image. For example, if a long rectangular image is uploaded to a long rectangular field, the image will not move. However, if the field is a long rectangle and the user uploads a square image, the square image will align to the field based on the selected image alignment position.

función web to print