7 cosas que las imprentas deben hacer durante la cuarentena COVID-19

As organizations around the world struggle to navigate the new business landscape with COVID-19, the print industry is facing a unique set of challenges. But we know that with these challenges come even greater opportunities. The past few weeks have brought us much uncertainty, but one thing that every print business owner can control is the preparation for success during and after this downturn.  
Below are our suggestions to make the most of the downtime right now that we are all experiencing. 
1) Be Strategic 
We cannot stress enough about the importance of maintaining your online storefronts as this will help you to continue to service your customer’s needs. We couldn’t agree more with Jen Matt’s and Jane Mugford’s recent article, Strategic Software Projects – COVID-19 , as we too believe this is a good time to invest in your software and tackle some of those strategic initiatives that have been neglected 
2) Online Online Online 
Move your print sales online without skipping a beat. Aleyant will provide you with a B2C retail storefront. This is a quick and easy way to get started. Customers are going to be ordering more online now than ever so why not spend this time setting up your first B2C online store? With the ease that online ordering offers, customers will love how easy it is to order and you will love the repeat business it provides. An online storefront will allow you to continue to take orders while staff may be working remotely.   
3) Plan Ahead 
Now is also a good time start or create new B2B storefronts for key customers. When this downturn is over, you can have a reason to re-connect with them and introduce the storefront created to save them time.  
Short-handed? Need help getting started? Our Pro Services team can work with you to do all the setup, or simply help you put together a plan to get you on the right track. Think of our team as your team that can do as little or as much as you need us to do. 
4) Training 
For those just starting with one of our Aleyant products, this is a perfect time to get your training and implementation completed. Our staff are working from their homes, just like you. Since we do our trainings using GoToMeeting, this can be a unique opportunity to focus on learning and setting up your software so you can be ready to go as soon as business picks back up. We also offer training for customers already through the implementation phase. Simply, submit a support ticket and select Pro Services from the department menu. After we have all your details, we will provide a detailed quote for your review. 
5) Remind Customers! 
Remind your customers you are open for business. Send your customers a note that lets them know you are still taking online orders.
6) Training Webinars 
Aleyant has a library of helpful, free monthly webinars. These webinars are 30 minutes in length and available on a variety of topics such as "Learning How To Build Revenue Faster From Niche Sites Powered By Pressero", "Landing Page Conversion Strategies" and "Paid Search and Social Advertising Techniques". Make sure to check out the recordings of these past webinars and start learning how to get more traffic to your website here.  
Speaking of webinars, Aleyant will be hosting a series of upcoming webinars geared toward helping printers move their business online as well enhancing their current online storefronts. Our next webinar in April will focus on how to set up your first retail site. Check back on the blog to register for this upcoming webinar.  
7) Vendor Outsourcing 
Last but not least is to take advantage of our Vendor Interface within Pressero. Are you slowing down production, or maybe you've stopped production so your employees can be at home. If you can continue to take orders via your storefronts, you can easily send those orders to another vendor that can produce and ship the jobs for you. If you are unfamiliar with this great feature, check out our online documentation, or reach out to our support team for help. 

Lucía Blanco